March 30, 2020



Hey all! This is a bunch of 'Work from home' tips, compiled by someone currently working from home! So if you find this article useful, then I have managed to resist the dark temptress of procrastination, and in a few easy steps, you could too! You can choose to either just read the  or you could delve a little deeper with me, your choice! 


So without further adieu let's start! Here are my work-from-home-tips definitely not sourced from other more reliable places on the internet ...


1. Have a morning routine.

• Wake up on time - Just because you are working from home, does not mean you can sleep in and then 'make up the time later' because, let's be honest, that don't work. You lyin' to yourself.

• Make yourself a nice breakfast - Hey, you have the time. Why not treat yourself! It's a positive way to start off the day, and you have the time to ensure it can be healthy as well as delicious.

• Get Dressed - Making yourself ready for the day wakes you up and mentally prepares you for day to come.

• Get in the headspace - Get some 'You' time in before the day starts, knock over some personal tasks which may distract you later in the day (i.e.: giving the kitchen a quick clean) and think about your day ahead.



2. Give yourself a dedicated working space.

Giving yourself a dedicated working space is key for getting into that 'frame of mind', you want to be able to get into ever sought after 'Zone'. So find yourself a dedicated and comfortable spot to work that you can associate with your job and leave when you’re off the clock — that means get off the couch, and definitely out of bed. 



3. Write a 'To-do Today' List.

Lists re-iterate your goals and focus for the day, with so many distractions at home they are great at steering you back in the right direction. But also, you know who else loves lists? ...THE BIG MAN (Or gender non binary superior) Yeah that’s right, your boss. Show them that list! Email them the fruits of your success! They love that shit. It will make you look good. 



4. Use the perks.

I'm sure we can all agree the best thing about working from home is the 'flexibility' AKA The Perks! 

• No commute? - Try doing a fitness!  

• Your co-worker? - Is now your pet! 

• Forgot your lunch? - No you didn't!   

These are great for your morale! And that's important in any work environment, including home.



5.  Self-Audit. 

So we just went through your day in basically chronological order. Now it's time for EAD. And that requires ...SELF MANAGEMENT! 

End of Day is a time to reflect on the following:

• Did I properly prepare myself for work? You can achieve that through your morning routine. Remember, headspace is key. 

• Did I complete my work tasks? Refer back to that list! -A big cheer to yourself if so! Go crack a cold one! ..But if you didn't put the effort into your day, you certainly know it on the inside.. Add those unfinished things to tomorrow's list... 

• Did you use your perks? A co-worker once said to me... 'You spend more time at work than anywhere else.' So have fun with it! You will be more productive if you are thriving! So, If you are done before knockoff then maybe you deserve that lil early mark for your hard work!

• You need to self-audit regularly in order to assess your quality and efficiency.



If you want to be the Boss-Man (Or gender non binary superior) one-day, then you need to start here! Prove that you are good at strengthening your weaknesses!
- I know you've got this.  



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