Mens Dress Shirts


DVNT offers a huge range of men’s dress shirts. We stock unique tailored shirts with the latest designs. Keep your wardrobe looking fresh with the choice between striped, checked and long or short-sleeved shirts that redefine men’s clothing.


DVNT produces many timeless wardrobe staples. Our well-fitted shirt range includes solid colours, printed designs, checked and occasionally denim. We know that for men, short-sleeved shirts are a summer essential. They offer a slightly more relaxed vibe while also being able to double as a light over shirt with your favourite t-shirt.


Our long sleeved dress shirts are styled to impress, no matter the occasion. DVNT Dress Shirts are a must have for any modern man and DVNT offers a wide range of colours and styles. DVNT stocks an array of men’s shirts that are inspired by art, music, and skate subculture. Our shirts are the centre piece of any modern mans outfit.